Safaricom and M-KOPA solar sign exchange programme deal…

Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore And M KOPA solar CEO Jesse Moore  Signing a memorandum of understanding for a talent exchange programme between the two companies.. 

Safaricom has yet partnered with a local company but this time to exchange technology and skills with M KOPA solar. This deal will help both companies to learn one or two things in line with technology that they didnt know about So as to fill in their areas of work.

M KOPA solar is a company that offers solar energy to rural residents In Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania  who cant afford electricity. They sell the solar panels at around sh.  3500/= ($35).

Safaricom staff taking part in the programme will join M-KOPA Solar for a period of three to six months, sharing knowledge and skills in their areas of specialisation, and benefiting from new skills, experiences and relationships during their tenure at the solar technology company.

“We need smart partnerships between parallel industries to make the transformational services a reality. Our talent MOU with Safaricom is a natural next step on the back of our long-standing collaborations on technology and distribution,” Said Jesse Moore. 
Safaricom currently has an existing talent exposure partnership with Vodafone Group’s Samaran Programme, which has so far seen a number of employees take up temporary posts in India, Qatar, South Africa, Ghana and Tanzania.


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