The National Transport and Safety Authority has come up with an application that would go a long way in solving the road carnages on our roads.


1)You can check the Inspection status of your motor vehicle.

2)You can check the status of your Driving Licence.

3)You can check your Road Service and Licencing status.

4)You can check the status of your Sacco Licence

5)You can check the Status of the PSV Licencing.

6)You can check the status of vehicle’s night travel licence.

You can also know the status of a certain road,  there may be a jam because of an accident.  All that is in the app. 

Although there already other means out there to help road users like ma3route  Atleast the  goverment is doing something. 

One can also report unlawful road users for driving carelessly.

Drive safely, safety is at our own hands.